One week until Christmas! We won’t be doing any holiday hosting this year, but I know many of you are. I know it is so easy to get caught in the bottomless pit that is hosting tips and ideas on Pinterest.

So. Many. Ideas.

So cute! So creative! So much time!

We believe there is great value in being a good host. Honoring your guests by planning ahead and treating them to a relaxing evening or holiday visit is so important. We also believe your sanity is pretty far up there too 🙂

When you’re at ease, your guests are at ease. The following tips and ideas are spot on and should help you be a stellar host and enjoy your Christmas week!

For your Holiday Party from View Along the Way


Get Your Kitchen Ready for Hosting from Tidy Mom


The Definitive Overnight Guest Guide from Liz Marie


More on Preparing for House Guests from Curbly


How to Make Your Home “Rival the Ritz” from POPSUGAR



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