Pallet Wood is an alluring material for a lot of popular DIY projects. It’s cheap (or free) and has a great rustic look all on its own. Taylor and I decided that this would be the perfect look for the recording studio’s ceiling! The wood fit the vibe and was in our budget, and most importantly, Taylor was willing to tackle the arduous project of bringing it all to fruition. He began by collecting pallets, lots of pallets, lots of free pallets.


He then began to slowly break apart each pallet one by one. This is probably the most difficult step when using pallet wood. The wood is very delicate and does not want to break apart from its neighbor. To force them gently apart, Taylor used a heavy duty crow bar to pry the boards apart. He then jimmied the nails out using a hammer and his trusted crow bar.

Taylor used his table saw to create uniform widths for each row of boards. Each new row can have a unique width, but each board in the row needs to be the same width (as best you can manage).


Check out all of the old pallet nails below – wowwee! The pallet wood was attached to the ceiling using a brad nailer (a type of nail gun).


Fnally, after all of that hard work is finished, we have a ceiling! Now, I just need to muster the courage to ask Taylor if he will pry apart a few more pallets for another project I have in mind : )


3 Responses to Pallet Wood Ceiling

  1. Susan says:

    Did you treat your pallet wood before using?

    • Kaitlin says:

      Taylor and I didn’t treat this pallet before using for this project because it was used on the ceiling. I would recommend treating pallet wood that you use on a table. It just wasn’t worth the extra fuss for this.

  2. Brian says:

    Looks awesome. That is a tedious job, but the results are worth it.

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