Our pantry for two years has been devoid of shelves, full of wasted space and covered in disorganized groceries. We buy our grains, beans, nuts and seeds in bulk, storing them in bags and bulk containers. As much as we try, those containers never stay stacked perfectly on the floor. Also, Harper’s dog food has to be stored behind closed doors, which only further clutters our pantry space. This weekend we decided to take charge and fix the situation!

First, we had to removed the one wire shelf from the closet, leaving nail holes. We used all-purpose spackle to fill in the nail holes. Once dry, we sanded the speckling down. Then, we painted the brown walls the gray paint color that is in the rest of the house. I decided how tall I wanted each shelf, based on measurements of cereal boxes, olive oil bottles, wine bottles, storage baskets, etc. The first shelf measures two feet from the floor, the second and third shelves are 14″ height for bulk items, the fourth shelf measures 10″ for small baking items, and the top shelf leaves 18 inches for small kitchen appliances. We drilled in 2″x2″ boards along the back wall into the studs.

Pantry Re-do
Measuring from the supports on the back wall, we placed the supports on the left and right side walls, making sure they stayed level with the main support. Once those were installed, we painted the supports white. The white melamine boards were attached to the supports using liquid nails. We check the levels on each shelf, let everything dry, then started organizing our new updated pantry!

Pantry Re-do
We are so happy with our pantry update and excited to get it perfectly organized and functional for our home!

Pantry Re-do


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  1. Brian says:

    Very well done and appears very functional. Great job!

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