Long lost friends, hello!

We’re back up and running after dealing with a little website hack – eek! It was a learning experience, which is really the point of what we’re doing here. But caused quite a headache anyways.

With summer all wrapped up and fall well underway, we wanted to check in, prove we’re still alive and kicking and give an update on our progress!

Trip to Oahu - Root and Vine Blog
We really enjoyed some vacation time in August. So good to cool the creative engines for a minute and recharge. Which is hard to do. We seem to always be pushing forward and creating more and more, even when we’re exhausted and the quality of our work is suffering. Sometimes, the best thing for the creative mind is to just stop. Hit pause and let inspiration actually soak in for awhile. Actually take a second to be inspired. No small lesson to learn!


There is so much to look forward to with weddings, trips, work events, and new creative ventures ahead in October. We are gearing up and getting ready!

Our hope was to finish our Root & Vine renovation soon, but thanks to our hacker friend, we are behind schedule (sigh). Over the next few weeks, we’ll be announcing some new features of the blog (including some of our new projects!) and making some changes.

In the meantime to hold you over- we are so proud to have 2 years of inspiration and ideas for the fall season in the archives!

Thank you friends for your support!


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