One of my go-to Halloween costumes through the years has been a 1920s flapper girl. Throw on a loose black dress, tights, vintage heels and red lips, and you’ve got yourself a costume! Well, this year, I wanted to invest a bit more time into my look. I created this 1920s flapper headband that, along with the standby outfit and 1920s period makeup and hair, really adds some drama to the costume. And, it’s really pretty too!

What You’ll Need:
1 yard ribbon, sequined, glittery or lacy
An assortment of feathers, we used one piece with multiple feathers and 2 single large feathers
A stapler
A vintage (or vintage-looking) brooch
Bobby Pins

Fit ribbon around your head and choose placing for your feathers. Tip: Feathers on the back of your head looks like a Native American headdress. Feathers on the front of your head around your face and ear looks like a flapper headband. Once you’ve chosen the placing for the smaller feathers, staple onto the ribbon.

Next, line up the larger feathers, angling them away from your face. Trim the ends of the feathers, and staple large feathers to the ribbon.

Next, line the brooch up on the ribbon as to cover the staples, and secure onto ribbon.

I found this great tutorial for authentic 1920s makeup tips, which I highly recommend. (Keeps us ladies looking more true-to-the-period and a lot less over-done! And there’s lots of good historical info in there as well!) For the makeup, do a smoky eye with smudgy eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines. Curl your eyelashes and add mascara liberally on top and bottom lashes. Keep skin pale with neutral blush and a matte powder finish. Using an eyebrow pencil, draw thin eyebrows that extend beyond your natural brow. The bow of the lips is exaggerated and the corners of the mouth are not fully shaded in with lipstick. These are subtle details, but you’ll be amazed at how much you look like the real deal!

For the hair, curl the whole head with curling wand (I used 1″), including your bangs. After curling, pin the front half of the hair with one bobby pin between each wave of the curl and spray liberally. This creates a fingerwave look without too much fuss. I pulled my hair back in a very loose bun with bobby pins.

Finally, tie your beautiful 1920s flapper headpiece low around your head, tying the ribbon in a bow. Secure with bobby pins as needed. Don those pearls and your best heels for dancing, and have a Happy Halloween!


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  1. Brian says:

    You sure make a good looking flapper girl. Put Adam in a gangster (not gangsta) suit and you guys are ready to roll.

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