Here at Root & Vine we believe that we are all on a journey, establishing who we are and discovering what lies ahead. We will be sharing our journey with you as we explore the creative, fun, brilliant and delicious ideas all around us. Welcome to Root & Vine.


Meet Kaitlin

My background is in the visual and graphic arts as well as floral design and event planning.  I am always singing, drawing and imagining. I grew up in Alabama in a close family of seven and moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University. There, I studied Design Communications, met the love of my life and some of the best friends I have ever known.

My love, Taylor, is super duper handsome, artistic, ambitious and is a great handyman.

For four years, I worked at Knestrick by Design as an assistant floral designer. I learned all about the mechanics and art of floral design and gained experience in planning events and weddings of all shapes and sizes.  In my last jobs at Geny’s Bridal and Enchanted Brides Magazine, I learned more about fashion, events, and brides.  Earlier this year, I began working at Vanderbilt in the events department. I am excited to share with you the fun and interesting things that I have learned (will learn), done (will do), and made (will make).


Meet Lauren

Born and raised in Louisiana, I have always taken delight in good music and good food. My background as a vocalist and songwriter comes from a passion for words and melodies and stories. But I have not always felt so at home in a kitchen. My zeal for cooking actually began when I met my (now) husband Adam five years ago, as I felt my poor slicing and dicing skills would not be enough to woo him. We had both ventured independently to Nashville from opposite sides of the country to pursue and study music at Belmont University. As I say with a giggle when people ask us how we met, “it’s a long story,” because we didn’t have the easiest time finding each other or falling in love! Adam is the kindest and most talented man with the bluest eyes and I have loved him for a long time.

For the past four years I have been working in the food industry. I have been involved in several areas including gourmet coffee, deli and bakery, management and administration, and fine dining. The restaurant where I last worked is truly a farm to table operation, the inner workings of which have since inspired my own little garden and original recipes. I’ve now moved on to a new business venture, Lynne Lorraine’s, a local juice and smoothie bar. Sourcing locally and featuring the healthiest and most delicious plant-based snacks are at the heart of Lynne Lorraine’s philosophy. And are also ideals I strive to implement in my own home and life. I enjoy flexing my creative muscles and learning from the beautiful world around me. I cannot wait to bring you along on this journey!

Join us daily, and let us know what you think! Look around, Savor and Enjoy!


Kaitlin & Lauren